Send Secure eMail

Peoples Bank offers you the ability to send us Secure eMail. Secure eMail is the way to be sure that your private information (like account numbers) remains private.

How Secure eMail Works. You, the sender, create an account on the secure message center site. Then you upload a message and your documents directly to that site.

When your message is sent to the message center, the center then sends Peoples Bank, the recipient, an alert saying that we need to login to our account and retrieve your message.

Conversely, when we send a message to you using Secure eMail, you will receive a message from the secure message center telling you that you need to login to receive information from us. This secure messaging takes seconds and is the way to ensure that your information is protected.

There is no need to install any software and there are no fees or subscriptions required to use Secure eMail. Secure eMail is offered by Peoples Bank through a partnership we have with ZixCorp. ZixCorp is widely recognized as a encryption industry leader. Should you have any issues or questions regarding our partnership with ZixCorp or our Secure eMail system, we welcome your calls or comments to any one of our locations.

Get Started!

1) Create your account. The first time you access Secure eMail, you will be prompted to create an account. You will need to create a password and user name and will need to use this password and user name every time you login to Secure eMail. Secure eMail will guide you through the account opening process including testing and confirmation of your email account.

2) Send Secure eMail. Click on the Secure eMail link here or on our homepage. You will be directed to a login page to proceed.

3) Retrieve Secure eMail. If you receive a notification message in your normal e-mail account, just click on the link contained in the message and you’ll be directed to a login page to proceed.