Savings Accounts

All Peoples Bank savings accounts include:

  • Free internet banking
  • Free ATM card
  • Free eStatement

Want to make savings even easier?  Transfer automatically, on your terms, online.

With free on-line banking from Peoples Bank, you can fully control and set-up an automatic savings program that allows you to quickly and simply transfer money from your checking account into your savings account. You pick the amount you want to put into savings. You pick the date you want the amount to come from your checking account. Weekly, bimonthly, monthly, or even daily! You are in complete control. The best part? You can set it up once and keep saving over and over again. If something changes and you want to increase, decrease, or temporarily stop the transfers, you can do that too with a simple click in our secure on-line banking environment.

Want to learn more? Simply call a personal banker today at (262) 723-4200 or (262) 889-4300. If you already bank online, you can be up and saving in minutes. If you are new to online banking, a personal banker will walk you through the process and can get you on the route to a fat piggy bank in no time.


Statement Savings


$100.00 balance required to avoid a $2.00 monthly service fee
Monthly service fee waived for persons age 17 or younger
Quarterly statement
Interest bearing
Free internet banking
Free ATM card
Free eStatement

Index Investment Savings


$7500.00 balance required to avoid a $7.50 monthly service fee
Tiered interest rates
Free internet banking
Free ATM card
Free eStatement

Holiday Savings Account


No monthly maintenance fees
Interest credited annually
Transfer of balance in October
Loss of all interest for early withdrawal 

Health Savings Accounts


  No fees
No account charges
Competitive yields

Lil’ Peoples Savers Account

Individual Retirement Account

Certificate of Deposit